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Like many of you, we also thought about investments and finally decided to put up into our children. We've made an infrastructure and develop our children in a way they can realize themselves in their future life. We mean alternative education as a way to expose definitely your child's potential.
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Alternative education,
approved as standart worldwide.
We've been working for many years and we feel our results. Our children become tolerant, sensual intelligent people, creators of their future. They can make arrangements, work in a team, set goals and independently find ways and solutions to reach them. They count their time and don't need encouragements and control.
Bilingual environment
Russian and English speaking teachers work in the class for the whole day. Volunteers from different countries undertake internships in our kindergarten. Children interact with different language and cultural groups, getting more freedom to choose the country in their future.
Autonomous space in the center of the city. Convenient parking, local garden, sandbox, children's playground and trampoline. Rooms are isolated, separate canteen, a gym, bedrooms and rooms for additional lessons are available. Access control of the territory is included.
Hitech equipment
Classes are equipped with the unique Montessori materials, which were carefully collected from different parts of the world by our teachers. Classes are constantly updating and developing.
Education Quality Control
Coming to us a family gets access to their personal account, where they can observe children's activity and progress over a definite period of time. It gives parents an opportunity to help their child without interrupting the process of education.
We create our future?!
Education - the way to make the world better place!
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In our Centre works specialists with huge experience in communication with kids. All of them studied Montessori Method in Russia and Worldwide.
Ideologist - Owner - 2 boys Mother
Montessori Guide for pupils from 0 to 12 yo
Commercial Director - The same kids Father
FRII Aссelerator
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